Google Optimize Sunset: How to Keep A/B Testing on Track

Feb 06, 2023
By Alex Schedrov

Google has provoked many concerns in the global marketing and analytics community with the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and it’s not the only urgent piece of news from the company on the 2023 agenda. Another service, Google Optimize, is facing its sunset on September 30 this year.

The article explains the reasons behind Google Optimize’s end and suggests how to successfully keep A/B testing on track.

Google Optimize offers a friendly and free A/B testing interface and the subsequent analytics in the Google Analytics Universal (UA) properties using the Experiments report. Thousands of businesses have improved their customer experience, revenues, and other vital performance metrics with it. 

Why would Google even think about abolishing the tool?

Why Google Switches Off Optimize

We’ve mentioned GA4 for a reason. Google has decided to concentrate on its next-generation analytics and implement a flawless integration of the A/B testing features into GA4. According to Google’s official announcement, despite being in the market for quite a while, Optimize still lacks the most efficient state-of-the-art A/B testing features frequently requested by the customers. Thus, Google aims to invest in more efficient A/B testing integrations and functionality inside GA4.

To ensure a successful switch to the new model, marketers will want to preserve their historical experimentation results to use them in the future. Let’s review how and when to do it.

How to Preserve Valuable A/B Testing Results

The best way to keep the historical data safe is to download it before September 30, 2023. It is possible to export it directly from the Optimize account or access it with the Google Analytics API. There will be no access to historical experience results in GA4, but analysts will be able to merge historical data exported from the Optimize accounts with the new results.

As for the Optimize 360 subscriptions, whenever you’ve signed or renewed the contract, you can access the Optimize 360 in any case. The contracts with an end date past September 30, 2023, will be canceled, and the account owners will not be charged.

Those businesses who signed GA4 accounts will not be able to access Optimize 360 but will be able to use Optimize integrated into GA4 for free until sunset.

Regarding Firebase, for now, and in the future, the mobile app A/B testing will not be influenced by the change.

Google Optimize Alternatives for Business

Since the upcoming implementation of A/B testing within GA4 is yet to be revealed, we recommend using the alternative A/B testing software to stay user- and optimization-oriented. Below we offer the five most popular solutions that proved to be powerful.



Optimizely offers customizable solutions and pricing for web and feature experimentation. It allows running tests to get insights about any component of the app as well as validate new features before the final release.

Key Features of Optimizely

  • A/B testing;
  • Stats engine;
  • Content personalization;
  • Compliance management;
  • AI predictive audiences.

Free Version Available

  • Free customizable demo.

Starting Price

  • Not stated.



OptiMonk takes personalization to the next level with its kit of tools and helps treat users like real people, not just traffic. Except for A/B testing, it offers dynamic management of the website elements to ensure they appear at the right time and for the right audience.

Key Features of OptiMonk

  • A/B testing;
  • Personalized embedded content;
  • Smart tags;
  • Dynamic product recommendations.

Free Version Available

  • Only for other features.

Starting Price

  • $32.5 billed annually.

A/B Tasty


The platform helps encompass statistics across all marketing channels and establishes effective collaboration between various teams to achieve the common goal, better user experience, and higher profits.

A/B Tasty keeps A/B testing at the center of its attention and develops the platform following the business needs of organizations of all sizes. It follows security standards, uses AI-driven technologies, and covers an endless number of use cases.

Key Features of A/B Tasty

  • A/B testing;
  • Split URL testing;
  • Multivariate testing;
  • Reports and dashboards;
  • Single Page App support.

Free Version Available

  • Free demo.

Starting Price

  • Not stated.

Convert Experiences


Convert Experiences offers feature-rich A/B testing plans for professionals of different levels of expertise. It ensures the stable, stress-free functioning of the tool and keeps businesses focused on growth only. The tool is known for its privacy-compliant and advanced testing opportunities that are hard to implement with other software.

Key Features of Convert Experiences

  • Unlimited tests;
  • Advanced post-segmentation;
  • Unlimited collaborators;
  • API access;
  • Custom segments;
  • Security assessments.

Free Version Available

  • 15-days free trial.

Starting Price

  • $99 billed monthly.



Yieldify is a long-standing personalization and A/B testing solution for businesses. It is revenue driven and uses AI-powered predictions, testing, and measurement. A user-friendly no-code setup enhances access to the tools for non-technical professionals. It serves all essential integrations and allows one to perform all operations in a single window.

Key Features of Yieldify

  • A/B/n testing;
  • Performance measurement;
  • Audience segmentation;
  • Device-optimized experiences;
  • Product recommendations.

Free Version Available

  • Free demo.

Starting Price

  • Not stated.

Wrapping Up

Google strives to offer the most effective solutions exclusively and turns down Optimize for this reason. There is no doubt that a new implementation will cover everything marketers need to keep their web resources profitable to the maximum extent possible. GA4 focuses on the user journey and gives more insights into the cross-device path to the primary conversion. We hope that A/B testing implementation will follow the best practices designed in GA4.

Five Jars helps with every technical step businesses need to take to design beautiful and insightful A/B tests. Contact our team to learn more about how your business will be affected by the Google Optimize switch-off and how to get ready to face it!

Alex Schedrov
CEO with 13 years of experience in delivering digital solutions to global institutions such as Stanford University, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has a keen eye for strategy and can address challenges from both the business and tech sides.


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