Art & Culture

Create impact by appealing to your audience through a sophisticated, digital presence and grow your revenue sustainably.

Museums, cultural institutions, and other art & culture-oriented organisations need to appeal to a broad audience and can rarely tailor their digital presence to one specific audience. Five Jars is passionate about working together with you as we recognize the large innovation potential in the industry. Our developers create solutions by design to foster your growth strategy and animate your audience to donate or become members. We know that budgeting is vital to your long-term success and, therefore, offer you precise cost estimations and guarantee that there are no overboarding costs.

Having collaborated with some of the biggest art & culture organisations, we developed a deep and thorough understanding of your specific challenges and know how to address these in an innovative and sophisticated way. Five Jars supports you to grow donations and membership revenues, to cater to a wide and diverse audience and enables you to streamline and digitise your business processes. Digital transformation becomes intuitive and straight-forward when partnering with us and we promise you a smooth and exciting transition to your future.

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Blended technologies

We help you to digitally transform every aspect of your business and become a pioneer in your industry. Whether that is an immersive online guide through your exhibitions or implementing a new collection management system, we create solutions which by design offer the opportunity to create a blended experience for your visitors and decrease the administrative costs associated with your business processes.


Ultimate cost control

Your revenue options are limited. As you will not yearly launch a new product or service, you are under great budgeting pressure – and we know that! Our developers offer you precise and transparent cost estimations to provide you with the ultimate cost transparency. We guarantee you to not go above the agreed-upon budget and frequently remain well below it. Five Jars partners with you and as partners, we believe in absolute honesty. That is why we will never overcharge you for anything – never.


We bill as promised
Our budget estimation is binding - we never exceed it and give cost savings back to you.
Short feedback loops
We keep you in the loop to react early if circumstances change and the project requires an update.
Transparent as core value
We believe in transparent and honest billing practices. There will never be a negative surprise for you, promised.


Mount Vernon case study

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

A large website extension project which affects millions of people annually

George Washington’s Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in the United States with more than 85 million people having visited the estate since 1860. Five Jars has been collaborating with Mount Vernon since 2018 and is responsible for the digital advancement of the web environment. Together with our client, we create a user experience

Issue project room - case background

ISSUE Project Room

Drupal-based website reboot for performing arts nonprofit aimed to overcome tech limitations and improve security and operation

Five Jars worked closely with ISSUE Project Room to launch a new website on Drupal. Our team performed multiple tech audits, developed a comprehensive migration plan, and executed the migration of all the content, assets, and user profiles from the old Drupal-7-based site. We also transferred its hosting to a new provider and ensured a smooth

MV Video Portal

Mount Vernon Video Portal

Re-design the way video content is presented and made accessible

George Washington’s Mount Vernon has been increasing its video production efforts to offer additional value to its visitors and members. Besides pre-recorded videos, Mount Vernon now offers live events and other captivating online experiences as well as a membership area with additional members-only content.

Video automation tool made with Drupal

Video Automation Tool

Five Jars automated the video converting and reduced the time spent on these administrative tasks

Automating video content preparation efforts by creating a custom-made software tool. Five Jars was hired to automate the video preparation and reduce the time spent on these administrative tasks.

YPKC association

YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties

Website migration with an extensive function overhaul to improve the user experience

Five Jars was hired to help YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties achieve this mission online – through an overhaul of their website and by integrating sophisticated, new functions.


Whether you desire to create an AI-based recommendation system for your visitors, transform your business processes or simply elaborate on opportunities to create synergies, get in touch with us!


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