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Five Jars knows the legitimacy and authenticity challenges which are faced by educators offering courses online. The digital transformation of the online education industry moves relatively slowly as people and businesses do not yet know to what extent online education is trustworthy. On the other hand, the technology applied in the industry is disruptive and moving at an extraordinarily fast pace. Our developers build solutions which are based on trust and transparency in order for you to achieve business excellence.


Whether you plan an entirely new education platform or an overhaul of your existing live product, Five Jars knows your pain points. By acknowledging your challenges, we are able to dive deeper into your use cases and build a custom solution which not only solves your current challenges but also the future ones as our developers build everything with future functionality updates in mind.

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Third party integrations

Your platform most likely will require third party add-ons such as Single Sign-On capabilities or advanced marketing campaign tools. Five Jars has proven over and over again that we are capable and efficient when it comes to integrating such addons into new or existing online environments. As many of these add-ons will not natively work together properly, additional bits of codes are required to allow the smooth running of the entire website. As we are experienced in that kind of working, you’ll never hear a “oh no, that doesn’t work together” phrase.


Solutions we’ve already built

YNorth LMS-tease

Learning Management System

Transformation LMS from a landing page-based solution to a fully functioning learning platform

YMCA of the North teamed up with Five Jars and overhauled the LMS entirely by transforming it from a landing page-based solution to a fully functioning learning platform.

Council for Exceptional Children

Council for Exceptional Children

Stunning and consistent website for the premier association for special education professionals

Full web presence redesign for a major educational association (Council for Exceptional Children), a professional association of educators focused on advancing the success of children with exceptionalities. Five Jars went through the full cycle redesign with the CEC team to digitally transform their web presence and improve brand consistency across

Website for YMCA of Greater Brandywine

YMCA of Greater Brandywine

Simple, powerful, and innovative Open Y website that makes members happy

YMCA of Greater Brandywine encompasses eight YMCAs with more than 80,000 members across Chester County. We worked with the YMCA to digitally transform their membership experience. Starting with a migration to the Open Y platform, we quickly followed with improved Group Exercise schedules, a streamlined program registration process, a digital


Are you interested in how we can build your credibility and foster trust with your current or future users? Let us know your idea and we will elaborate on it together.