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We could say that Five Jars only hires experienced developers, but that doesn’t tell the full story. Our team includes Drupal core contributors, PHP experts, and leaders in their fields. We have contributed to building the technologies we use. We are invited to speak at industry events. We are the ones people turn to when they want to learn. 



Five Jars uses best practices in development, including strict adherence to coding standards, clear documentation, and a design process that is responsive at its core. We take quality assurance seriously, using a combination of manual tests and a custom suite of cross-platform automated testing tools. 



A commitment to open source software improves access to innovative technologies, provides stronger security, and reduces your cost while eliminating the lock-in of expensive licensing. Five Jars uses a set of highly customizable open source technologies that are widely recognized as the best in their class. For content management, Five Jars uses Drupal, which is unsurpassed in flexibility and security. Via Drupal’s innate configurability as well as our team’s expertise in underlying PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel, we can develop custom web applications to meet any need. We have particular expertise in 3rd party integrations, and we have integrated a wide variety of e-commerce, scheduling, and association management systems into applications for our clients. Our experience in Javascript-based tools such as Node.js, EmberJs, Angular, and Vue.js allows us to build out beautiful, easy to use custom interfaces that work perfectly no matter what device you use.

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