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Even the best website or web application is only as good as its web hosting. Five Jars guarantees highest quality standards by offering web hosting services which go beyond industry norms.

Five Jars has experienced many different web hosting providers. The success of our web solution depends not only on Five Jars but also on your web hosting provider. That is why we offer our customers web hosting services directly through Five Jars in order to guarantee that the web hosting will propel the success of your online presence rather than limiting it.

We are there for you - 24/7

Our support and service level agreements are tailored to your needs. While we guarantee a response time of no longer than one hour for any of your queries, we offer additional support services which will tailor perfectly to your business and its needs. Moreover, our web hosting is focused on Drupal solutions which means that the servers are ideally configured, caching already set up and any issue popping up quickly resolved through experienced support staff.

Environments made to accelerate your brand

Our web hosting offers a secure and intuitive environment which fosters your growth. To cater for all needs along the web development lifecycle, we provide you with the necessary web environments such as development, staging, and production. As these environments speak to different lifecycle stages, it is crucial that they are clearly separated and that they offer an intuitive user interface to avoid mistakes. Five Jars offers a web hosting solution which is designed to propel your web solutions.

A web hosting that scales with your business

The web hosting landscape is complex and choosing the right product may be difficult. No worries - we got your back covered. Five Jars proposes the most suitable solution rather than the most profitable as we believe in absolute transparency. Five Jars can offer you three distinct web hosting options to cater for your specific requirements:

Cloud platforms
Cloud platforms provide you with fully automated, secure, and transparent hosting specifically built for Drupal-based solutions. Not only do they facilitate the rapid building of a website but also the quick deployment and literally endless scalability of your web solution. The cloud platforms offer you ready-to-go solutions with integrated CI/CD systems and support teams.
Cloud hosting
While cloud platforms offer you an all-inclusive service range, cloud hosting does include the hardware and its proper running only. Cloud hosting requires an initial setup and ongoing coordination.
The third option includes only the hardware without any support. While VDS is dedicated software that you do not share with anyone else, VPS is shared among a group of companies. The challenge hereby is that setting up VDS and VPS requires a third party to configure, optimize and secure the environment in order for your web solution to run properly.

The three options differentiate mainly by the level of support received. Five Jars will evaluate together with you which technical know-how is available within your organization and which model is the most suitable for you.

Five Jars Hosting Solution

Guaranteed uptime

Downtime means a potential loss of revenue. That is why Five Jars has created an infrastructure which by design reduces the downtime possibility to the absolute minimum. While we cannot guarantee an uptime of 100%, we do guarantee that at least 99.90% of the time your services will be accessible and ready to handle your website traffic. Need a higher uptime guarantee? No problem at all as we can individually guarantee for up to 99.99% uptime. Let us know your requirements and we’ll provide a tailored solution to cater for your needs.

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Our web hosting services

Eager to know more details about the Five Jars web hosting services? These include:

Web hosting
1-hour SLA
Managed scaling
99.90 — 99.99% uptime guarantee
Drupal hosting
WordPress hosting
Custom application hosting
Website transfer
Domain name registration
Shared servers
Dedicated servers
SSL encryption

Any specific requirements? Get in touch with us and we’ll find the optimal solution together with you. Analysing your requirements is the first step - and one we offer for free through our initial consultation session. Together ahead.

Hosting Case Studies

Mount Vernon case study

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

A large website extension project which affects millions of people annually
George Washington’s Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in the United States with more than 85 million people having visited the estate since 1860. Five Jars has been collaborating with Mount Vernon since 2018 and is responsible for the digital advancement of the web environment. Together with our client, we create a user experience which blends into the excitement of visiting the landmark later in the user journey.
YPKC association

YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties

Website migration with an extensive function overhaul to improve the user experience
Five Jars was hired to help YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties achieve this mission online – through an overhaul of their website and by integrating sophisticated, new functions.
Council for Exceptional Children

Council for Exceptional Children

Stunning and consistent website for the premier association for special education professionals
Full web presence redesign for a major educational association (Council for Exceptional Children), a professional association of educators focused on advancing the success of children with exceptionalities.

Five Jars went through the full cycle redesign with the CEC team to digitally transform their web presence and improve brand consistency across all platforms. We created a digital ecosystem for the CEC to host 70+ microsites and created an engaging, positive website visitor experience.
Video automation tool made with Drupal

Video Automation Tool

Five Jars automated the video converting and reduced the time spent on these administrative tasks
Automating video content preparation efforts by creating a custom-made software tool. Five Jars was hired to automate the video preparation and reduce the time spent on these administrative tasks.
Website for YMCA of Greater Brandywine

YMCA of Greater Brandywine

Simple, powerful, and innovative Open Y website that makes members happy
YMCA of Greater Brandywine encompasses eight YMCAs with more than 80,000 members across Chester County.

We worked with the YMCA to digitally transform their membership experience. Starting with a migration to the Open Y platform, we quickly followed with improved Group Exercise schedules, a streamlined program registration process, a digital signage launch with promotional and schedules screens, all while lowering expenses for future Open Y upgrades and digital signage software.

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