Align your long-term strategies based on sophisticated tools which will guarantee success.

Five Jars is more than a developer. We partner with you to identify your mission and provide you with a comprehensive proof of concept. We build our partnership on measurable milestones and quantify your objectives. This provides you with full insights over the impact we create together.

Whether you desire a thorough process optimization, require a proof-of-concept for a new idea, anticipate digitizing customer journeys, or simply want to get a bright and shiny website, we know that the right project management strategy is vital to its success.

That is why we, here at Five Jars, integrate agile project management methods into each and every project coming along the way. We actively integrate discovery methodologies to expand your range of opportunities as widely as possible. Setting up the right strategy with you at the very beginning is not only vital for the outcome of the project but, foremost, also for the solution to eventually thrive.

Every project is unique

Five Jars is convinced that every project is entirely unique and requires an adapted approach to tackle the challenges ahead. That is why we focus initially on discovering the current situation together with you. This guarantees that we both understand what the goal is and where unknown challenges may be expected.

Five Jars Unique Project

A strategy from set-up to launch

Our project team will outline a clear timeline and strategy from the very first meeting up to the project due date. We live transparency and keep feedback loops as short as possible. We understand that sometimes things change and new ideas appear, which is why we maintain close communication to incorporate potential changes quickly.

Interdisciplinary teams leading you to success

We do not believe that any of our solutions could ultimately be successful without a broad range of expertise available within our teams. To foster interdisciplinarity, our teams consist of marketing specialists, engineers, data scientists, business development experts, project managers, and strategists. Five Jars fosters multicultural and multidisciplinary environments within its teams as these provide you with the greatest possible creativity and success.


Relentlessly measuring success

Success is not always quantifiable, some may say. While that may be true, we believe that all our proposed solutions are tangible, effective, and measurable. We promise to create a meaningful impact through every project. Without the ability to measure this impact, our promise would not be more than bare words. Therefore, Five Jars tracks every project closely to demonstrate what the final impact has been.

Five Jars Measuring

We are beyond tech language

Our solutions are only as good as we can tell them. We avoid the tech jargon only data engineers would comprehend. Five Jars is convinced that a solution is at its best if we can explain it in just a few sentences. We create an environment where questions can be asked and we can learn from each other as our goal is to make you thrive.

Five Jars Strategy Services

Our strategy services

SEO strategy
A/B testing
KPI analysis
Information architecture
Proof of contents
UX Workshops
Content Strategy
Hosting requirements planning
Analytics audit and planning
Heat map audit and planning
Usability audit and planning
Performance audit and planning

If you have any specific requirements, do get in touch with us and we will explain to you in detail how we can support you. Analysing your unique requirements is the first step - and one we offer for free through our initial evaluation consultation session. Don’t wait and explore your future - together ahead.

Strategy case studies

Mount Vernon case study

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

A large website extension project which affects millions of people annually

George Washington’s Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in the United States with more than 85 million people having visited the estate since 1860. Five Jars has been collaborating with Mount Vernon since 2018 and is responsible for the digital advancement of the web environment. Together with our client, we create a user experience

University of Rochesterʼs Warner School of Education

University of Rochesterʼs Warner School of Education

Transforming user experiences for content creators and website visitors by migrating from a legacy CMS to Drupal

The Warner School of Education is a place where research, scholarship, and practice meet in one place. Due to an outdated CMS, the editorial team could not work effectively or ensure a smooth user experience. They approached Five Jars with the request to improve their internal content management processes and help different user groups access

Issue project room - case background

ISSUE Project Room

Drupal-based website reboot for performing arts nonprofit aimed to overcome tech limitations and improve security and operation

Five Jars worked closely with ISSUE Project Room to launch a new website on Drupal. Our team performed multiple tech audits, developed a comprehensive migration plan, and executed the migration of all the content, assets, and user profiles from the old Drupal-7-based site. We also transferred its hosting to a new provider and ensured a smooth

YMCA of the North

YMCA of the North

A large website improvement project which required an extraordinarily diverse team to tackle all challenges successfully

In order to delight customers, increase impact and grow their organization, YMCA of the North hired Five Jars to carry out necessary development work as well as improve the user experience across its online presence. Five Jars evaluated the required steps and kicked the project off with a diverse project team.

Case background image

Broadening the mobile experience for the YMCA of the North members

Adopting Ionic Portals technology to integrate web-based features into native iOS and Android mobile apps via a single codebase

The YMCA of the North team aimed to expand its mobile presence and offer members access to virtual and on-demand programs via mobile. For this, the web application's functionality was to be integrated into the native mobile applications. Our team, responsible for selecting an optimal engineering strategy, brought this idea to life. We offered the

YNorth LMS-tease

Learning Management System

Transformation LMS from a landing page-based solution to a fully functioning learning platform

YMCA of the North teamed up with Five Jars and overhauled the LMS entirely by transforming it from a landing page-based solution to a fully functioning learning platform.


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