Creating experiences in a virtual environment is exceptionally challenging and requires a thorough, outside-the-box approach.

Five Jars offers everything you need to create an outstanding user experience through your website design. Our holistic design thinking approach enables us to create a comprehensive customer journey which will automatically lead to increased conversion. Experience-based shopping online – that is what Five Jars offers you.


Are you seeking a new website or application? Does your user experience require an update to capture a greater market share? Search no further! Five Jars understands the importance of an UX design and established a sophisticated framework which propels your online experience on a completely new level. Together, we will create a journey which is worthy of your brand.

Five Jars Design Ideas

UX design and its necessity

Creating a website was never easier than today. With the many no-code platforms out there, every man and every woman can build a website in hours – these platforms proclaim. You are now probably wondering why you should bother investing in a Five Jars user experience design solution, right? The answer is simple: user experience design is more than setting up a simple website or web shop. It is about creating a unique journey for every single user. To achieve this, UX design integrates thorough research, advanced website analytics and user experience testing into one final solution. Five Jars offers UX design approaches which are novel and tailored to your unique requirements. Our design solution enables you to grow your business sustainably.

An upfront investment

Investing in UX design upfront has several benefits. First, creating a user experience from scratch is more cost efficient than adapting an existing solution. Second, thinking about all possible user journeys and creating intentional user paths through your website will create positive experiences. Third, by thoroughly researching user requirements and comprehensively testing the design solution through small user groups, you will reduce follow-up and maintenance costs as your users will access all necessary information by themselves. Five Jars has extensive experiences in mapping user journeys and implementing UX design solutions based on these in order to create the most impactful experience.

Five Jars Design at use

With SEO in mind

Search Engine Optimization, or short SEO, is vital for the success of any online endeavor. Five Jars employs some of the best SEO specialists which support our developers in creating designs fostering the searchability of your website. By prioritizing SEO, Five Jars enables you to organically increase your search engine ranking.

Brand loyalty is everything

In today’s fast-paced (online) world, loyalty is hard to come by. Once gained, it is a never-ending effort to retain it. Five Jars enables you to retain this loyalty by integrating rich experiences across your website. We not only create responsive and functional websites but also create a design which is intuitive to the user. Our design solution will foster your competitive advantage by integrating scientific findings about online behavior right into your UX.

Rapid prototyping

Five Jars knows that speed is everything. We never over-engineer websites as we truly believe that the most minimal version of the best user experience design is the one to strive for. Therefore, we have established a rapid prototyping framework which allows our multidisciplinary teams to rapidly create prototypes which can be then tested and improved. By keeping this feedback loops short, we not only guarantee lower costs but also enable you to become an agile leader in your industry.

Five Jars Prototyping

Our design services

Five Jars works in multidisciplinary teams combining expertise from many different fields. This combination of marketing, development, SEO and UX know-how allows us to offer our clients one-stop-shop design solution services.

UX design
Information Architecture
Rapid prototyping
Customer journey mapping
Responsive design
UI design
Customer experience consulting
UX audits
Design thinking
User & Market Research

If you have any specific requirements, do get in touch with us and we’ll showcase how you can get the most out of your UX design. Analysing your unique requirements is the first step - and one we offer for free through our initial UX Design consultation session. Together ahead.


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