Enriching user journeys by integrating third-party software, SaaS technology platforms and APIs.

Five Jars is at the forefront of interconnectivity and together with our clients we push the boundaries of the impossible further away. Every day, we expand the possible third-party integrations to allow our customers to thrive.

Do you run a freemium website or a members-only community? Are you wondering how to digitize offline? Do you want to offer additional convenience such as voice assistance or interactive mobile experiences? Well, welcome to the one-stop shop for all your desires and wishes. Five Jars has extensive experience in integrating new functionalities in both existing and new website and application solutions.

Five Jars 3rd party integrations

Agility in a fast-paced environment

Achieving a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced world requires a partner who understands the necessity of acting in an agile manner. Five Jars has showcased many times that we are a reliable partner when shaping the industry with innovative, new concepts. Our developers do not hesitate to push the impossible a step further away and create new opportunities for our clients. Whether you require a more sophisticated user registration process, a single sign-on opportunity or a scheduling tool for your events - Five Jars recognizes the importance and offers you a custom-made solution integrating all the required functionality into one user-centric application.

Buzzword: Internet of Things

Five Jars offers third-party integration which feels seamless to the user and enables you to expand your user experience and service offering continually. You may be wondering why third-party integrations are such a crucial topic. The answer is straight-forward. The hyped concept of Internet of Things, or IoT for short, will ultimately lead to the users demanding the integration of countless devices into existing IT ecosystems. Five Jars demonstrated the innovativeness of its developers’ countless times by integrating novel services into the Drupal environment.

More than simple integration

Integrating more and more devices sounds good but is by far not the greatest advantage we offer to our customers. Five Jars integrates every third-party service with data analytics in mind. This means, each and every of our solutions enables our customers to access the collected data and draw insights from these. We empower our customers to capture additional market shares.

Website integrations

Connecting everything – the smart way

Integration is not worth much if it happens in silos. Five Jars integrates and connects third-party services in a way which enables your organization to take advantage of interconnectivity. Our developers create interfaces which empower a truly unique experience for both your users and your entire organization.

Our integration services

Five Jars has extensive integration experience and can offer you its services in any integration project you desire to fulfill.

Integration with APIs
Custom integration
AWS integration
Marketing analytics integration
Web analytics integration
Web automation integration
CRM integration
Database integration

If you have any specific requirements, do get in touch with us and we will find the optimal solution together. Analysing your requirements is the first step - and one we offer for free through our initial consultation session. Together ahead.


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