Grow your market share with a custom solution that ideally showcases your products and services.


Enterprises face unique challenges due to their size, their structure and way of working cross departmental. Understanding these challenges, Five Jars drives the success of each project by focusing on a holistic, agile and innovative project management approach which integrates the unique characteristics of our enterprise-level clients. By acknowledging these challenges, our interdisciplinary teams are able to recognize and handle industry challenges in the most optimal way.

Innovating in a digital environment is key to sustain one’s market position and grow sustainably. Five Jars offers enterprises a holistic approach to some of the most challenging questions out there. Whether you require a new web presence with a sophisticated AI-based bot or new custom-made software which facilitates machine learning to harness insights – Five Jars has the experts required to design, deploy, and maintain any project ahead of you.

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Budgeting and cost control is vital

Planning a new project can be daunting as many cost drivers are not yet clear and total project costs may be feared to overboard. Five Jars understands that, especially for enterprise clients, budgeting is a lengthy and important process which is less flexible. We also know that many custom-made solutions for enterprise clients require to be implemented into an environment of multiple existing softwares which makes total cost estimations even more challenging. However, having worked with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Kelly Services, YMCA of the North, Five Jars is highly experienced in forecasting total costs and adheres strictly to the budget. We collaborate closely with you from start to finish to ensure that all estimations are close to the true costs.


Extensive documentation
We understand your budgeting process and provide you with an extensive amount of documentation to enlighten the project costs thoroughly.
Transparency is our mission
Five Jars believes in trust and every billing is transparent and well-documented.
We keep it within the budget
We do not oversell features or add more later on. We stay within the budget and promise you absolute cost control.

Solutions we’ve already built

Video automation tool made with Drupal

Video Automation Tool

Five Jars automated the video converting and reduced the time spent on these administrative tasks

Automating video content preparation efforts by creating a custom-made software tool. Five Jars was hired to automate the video preparation and reduce the time spent on these administrative tasks.


Spooky Nook Sports

Integration of a new CRM system into the existing content management system (CMS) to increase the user experience

Spooky Nook Sports recently transitioned to a new CRM system and identified various areas for improvement. Especially the UX design and the user journeys required an update to align with the overall desired website experience. Five Jars was hired to analyze the current state, identify areas for improvement and, eventually, integrate the required


Do you have an idea for a new project or want to elaborate where a new solution might create synergies, reduce costs, or open up yet untapped opportunities? Call us and arrange a first call with our team.


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