Support tailored to your needs. Five Jars offers support services matching your requirements and acts transparently.

Five Jars creates a support structure tailored to your unique requirements. We see ourselves as long-term partners and keep our processes transparent and efficient. Together we create an environment which allows you to thrive, and which reduces your downtime to an absolute minimum.

We see ourselves as partners rather than service providers. Five Jars emphasizes long-term collaborations when it comes to support agreements. While never locking any of our customers into a long-term contract, we nevertheless are convinced that a steady support structure will ultimately allow you to thrive. Together with you, we’ll develop an audit and maintenance schedule which integrates your unique peak times and requirements to accommodate your goals in the most efficient manner. We advocate for transparency by living it.

Five Jars Support Requirements

Minimizing negative impact

Every interruption to your web presence ultimately results in lost business opportunity and, foremost, negative user experience. While keeping your website secure and up to date is of utmost importance, we also understand the desire to minimize this downtime to the absolute minimum. Five Jars proposes maintenance schedules based on your users’ habits. We plan around your business to avoid any revenue losses. If there is an emergency, our developers are ready to jump in and reduce the down time by taking immediate action to solve the problem.

Clear communication

Support is a worrisome part of any business. Five Jars reduces the challenges by following clear and straight-forward communication protocols as well as by shortening feedback loops. This allows us to update ourselves and our customers on upcoming updates and potential challenges well ahead of time.

Clear communication

Budgeting as centerpiece

With decreasing margins, many industries are required to follow tight budgeting. We here at Five Jars understand this requirement and inform transparently about expectations and the current level of available budget. We are convinced that by adequately estimating the expected support costs, we contribute to a stable strategic planning for our customers.

Identifying your opportunities

Besides the ongoing audit and maintenance of your website, we continually evaluate potential opportunities for your business and propose their integration if seen favorably. Five Jars offers its extensive expertise and first-hand knowledge to allow our customers to grow and retain their competitive advantage in the long run.

Maintaining a backlog

Our developers maintain a unique backlog to create a roadmap of required updates and new opportunities for your project. On a regular basis, our developers will prioritize the most important tasks together with you to align the next steps accordingly. During these meetings, Five Jars further proposes additional opportunities for growth if recognized. Eventually, our transparent backlog method enables a clear and efficient collaboration between you and our developers.

Five Jars Backlog

Our support services

Five Jars’ support services are tailored to your actual needs rather than to what is the most profitable for us. We embody transparency and everything we propose will be a necessity and nothing more. We believe in partnership.

Platform upgrades
Security upgrades
Bug fixes and improvements
Website monitoring
Personal support
Regular checks of your website and its proper functioning
Support in using all functionality
Ongoing website testing to ensure functionality after browser updates
Content management support
Analytics support

As said, we see ourselves as partners – and we prove that with everything we do. Become our newest partner and allow us to support you in the most agile and transparent way possible. Tell us your requirements and we will showcase the optimal support solution for your online presence. Together ahead.

Support Case Studies

Mount Vernon case study

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

A large website extension project which affects millions of people annually
George Washington’s Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in the United States with more than 85 million people having visited the estate since 1860. Five Jars has been collaborating with Mount Vernon since 2018 and is responsible for the digital advancement of the web environment. Together with our client, we create a user experience which blends into the excitement of visiting the landmark later in the user journey.
YMCA of the North website teaser

YMCA of the North

A large website improvement project which required an extraordinarily diverse team to tackle all challenges successfully
In order to delight customers, increase impact and grow their organization, YMCA of the North hired Five Jars to carry out necessary development work as well as improve the user experience across its online presence. Five Jars evaluated the required steps and kicked the project off with a diverse project team.
YNorth LMS-tease

Learning Management System

Transformation LMS from a landing page-based solution to a fully functioning learning platform
YMCA of the North teamed up with Five Jars and overhauled the LMS entirely by transforming it from a landing page-based solution to a fully functioning learning platform.

Spooky Nook Sports

Integration of a new CRM system into the existing content management system (CMS) to increase the user experience.
Spooky Nook Sports recently transitioned to a new CRM system and identified various areas for improvement. Especially the UX design and the user journeys required an update to align with the overall desired website experience. Five Jars was hired to analyze the current state, identify areas for improvement and, eventually, integrate the required third-party functionalities.
On-Demand Fitness Platform hero

On-Demand Health & Wellness Platform

First national on-demand Health & Wellness platform for YMCAs
The first national on-demand Health & Wellness platform for YMCAs had been launched just days after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and lockdowns had been introduced. The goal of the Health & Wellness platform is to enable members and families to stay balanced through online workout sessions while their beloved local fitness clubs must remain closed.
YPKC association

YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties

Website migration with an extensive function overhaul to improve the user experience
Five Jars was hired to help YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties achieve this mission online – through an overhaul of their website and by integrating sophisticated, new functions.


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