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Build a digital presence which fosters trust and increases traffic in a sustainable way.

Five Jars knows that trust is what separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to digital endeavours. That is why we partner with our clients and focus on long-term initiatives which build trust by design. Health and fitness businesses require a future-proof online footprint which gives customers the confidence to stay with them. We know how you maintain your user base and grow sustainably by experience.

Whether you want to overhaul your online presence, scale your business or pivot into a new business opportunity, Five Jars knows what it needs to be successful. Our interdisciplinary teams consist of user experience, marketing, strategy, developers and other experts which will offer you the most tailored and sophisticated support possible. Real world problems are not this or that only, they consist of many different questions and are often this and that. That is why Five Jars is not just like any other developer but a partner. We see your business holistically and treat each project as part of something bigger, namely your future.


Project budget

Five Jars builds future-proof solutions which unify existing systems and break down legacy issues. We build trustworthy and trust-building solutions which will eventually lead to a sustainable growth of your business. All of this sounds great, but you are worried about the costs? Do not worry! We are very good at budgeting and we guarantee to stay within the budget – so you do not have to fear overboarding costs. The reason why our project cost estimations are reliable is simple. Prior to the project kick-off, we will elaborate together with you on the exact scope and analyze your existing environment to better understand the challenges ahead of us. This allows us to thoroughly understand the time required to fulfil your project brief.


Precise budgeting
Our services are billed transparently and according to budget.
Cost savings
Our deliverables will ultimately save you substantial costs through efficient maintenance and future updates.
Fast ROI
Our solutions are designed to create an immediate impact on your operations.

Content Management Systems

You offer a large number of services and that requires a sophisticated content management system. Five Jars acknowledges the vital role such a CMS system plays as well as the high costs a custom-made CMS system causes. That is why we have extensive experience not only in designing CMS systems from scratch but also in adapting ready-made solutions to your individual needs. We have demonstrated our capabilities of integrating third-party applications numerous times and are industry-recognized for our flexibility when it comes to project costs. So, don’t worry about the potential costs as we are very confident to find a solution for your business needs which is within our budget.

Analytics for data-driven decision making

Want to know your business better? We got you! Here at Five Jars, we always integrate advanced analytics capabilities in our projects. To create a long-lasting impact, our clients must understand what thrives income and revenue – otherwise, the greatest solution cannot be adequately exploited. Our developers offer you various metric tracking opportunities and demonstrate how to use these and what insights to generate from them. It is important to us that you gain all advantages possible when using our solutions.


Case background image

Broadening the mobile experience for the YMCA of the North members

Adopting Ionic Portals technology to integrate web-based features into native iOS and Android mobile apps via a single codebase

The YMCA of the North team aimed to expand its mobile presence and offer members access to virtual and on-demand programs via mobile. For this, the web application's functionality was to be integrated into the native mobile applications. Our team, responsible for selecting an optimal engineering strategy, brought this idea to life. We offered the


Spooky Nook Sports

Integration of a new CRM system into the existing content management system (CMS) to increase the user experience

Spooky Nook Sports recently transitioned to a new CRM system and identified various areas for improvement. Especially the UX design and the user journeys required an update to align with the overall desired website experience. Five Jars was hired to analyze the current state, identify areas for improvement and, eventually, integrate the required

YMCA of the North

YMCA of the North

A large website improvement project which required an extraordinarily diverse team to tackle all challenges successfully

In order to delight customers, increase impact and grow their organization, YMCA of the North hired Five Jars to carry out necessary development work as well as improve the user experience across its online presence. Five Jars evaluated the required steps and kicked the project off with a diverse project team.

Digital Signage at YMCA workout

Digital Signage

Digital innovation delivered by Five Jars

The project brief was bursting with innovation opportunities. YMCA of the North desired to innovate the way they inform visitors about upcoming events as well as how to guide them through their buildings. Five Jars accepted the challenge to digitalize the offline processes and to create an engaging, new way of taking care of guests.

Website for YMCA of Greater Brandywine

YMCA of Greater Brandywine

Simple, powerful, and innovative Open Y website that makes members happy

YMCA of Greater Brandywine encompasses eight YMCAs with more than 80,000 members across Chester County. We worked with the YMCA to digitally transform their membership experience. Starting with a migration to the Open Y platform, we quickly followed with improved Group Exercise schedules, a streamlined program registration process, a digital

On-Demand Fitness Platform hero

On-Demand Health & Wellness Platform

First national on-demand Health & Wellness platform for YMCAs

The first national on-demand Health & Wellness platform for YMCAs had been launched just days after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and lockdowns had been introduced. The goal of the Health & Wellness platform is to enable members and families to stay balanced through online workout sessions while their beloved local fitness clubs must

Man doing yoga on the floor

The Virtual Y

Standalone websites for engaging Virtual Y video content

Several YMCAs searched collectively for a platform solution to host their video content and to draw more traffic to their online offerings. They selected Five Jars to deliver three standalone websites and cater for individual requests while acknowledging a tight budget.


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