Five Jars Cookies Policy

By using this website cookies (small files that are stored by your browsers) may be stored to ensure the website can store or retrieve information. You can remove cookies in your browser and you can set whether you want to accept cookies or not in your browser. If you want to change your cookies settings or want to remove cookies, this is best done via the help menu of your browser. If you do not want to use cookies during your visit to the website, remember that the website will not work in the best possible way, because the functional cookies will be switched off too.

This website uses functional, analytical and marketing cookies to personalize and simplify your website visit.


Session cookies
These cookies store certain information during your website visit to make sure you don't have to complete a form again when the page is loaded again.

Cookie notice
This cookie is placed to know whether you closed the cookie notice or not.

Sometimes the website uses YouTube videos. Cookies are used to be able to play those videos.

This website uses JavaScript, a programming language, for certain interactive parts, such as the menu. These interactive elements only work by using JavaScript cookies.


Google Analytics
In order to obtain insight into the use of our website we use Google Analytics cookies, a web-analysis service provided by Google Inc.. We use these cookies to analyze what is done on the website in order to improve the website.

We use Hotjar cookies to obtain insight into what is viewed and clicked on on our website. We use the data collected by these cookies to analyze what is done on the website in order to improve the website.


Social media
Via the website it is sometimes possible to share information on your own social media pages or it uses your social-media profile to complete a form or to participate in a competition. Because you can do this via your social media profile, the use of cookies is essential.

Advertising and remarketing
In order to draw attention to our website and our products, we use advertising and remarketing cookies of Facebook and Google Analytics. Because of those cookies, we are able to show the most suitable advertising material to the right target group.

This cookies policy may be amended at any time. If you have any questions or comments about this cookies policy, please contact us by using the contact form.