Top 25 Inspirationally Designed Drupal Websites of 2022

Sep 08, 2022
By Alex Schedrov

Drupal is a content management system powered by an open-source community. It was developed in 2001 and is now serving more than 1.7 million websites. It currently holds a 2% market share among CMS.


World businesses have succeeded in publishing tons of eye-catching websites. And in this article, we will share the best examples of Drupal websites in 2022. But why do companies choose to build their websites with Drupal?

Advantages of Drupal

  • It is available in 100 languages. Each Drupal user can use up to three languages simultaneously.
  • There are about 3,000 Drupal themes segmented by industry.
  • Drupal integrates with hundreds of marketing tools. 
  • It is free, and there will never be any licensing fees. 
  • Drupal’s large open source community includes top talents in development, marketing, security, and more. And they are all dedicated to refining the product.

Best Designed websites



NASA’s portal is built with Drupal 7, which is exactly what a governmental space agency needs due to the high-security requirements. Opting for an open-source content management system has saved millions of dollars for the company, producing more than 1000 updates and getting 1 million users per day. 

University of Oxford

2-University of Oxford.jpg

The sophisticated infrastructure of one of the world’s oldest universities welcomes users for numerous reasons. Oxford’s audience includes prospective students, personnel, partners, and more. Drupal offers page loading and is overall optimal for the content volumes generated by all university units. 



Tesla’s CMS choice perfectly fits its minimalistic style and elegance. A new-generation electric car model needs a high-quality video presentation, and Drupal makes a good job of it. A responsive HTML5 video is the first thing you get to see landing on the manufacturer’s page. 



The Emmy Award website is an example of glamour, immersion, and entertainment. The show publishes high-quality multimedia content and organises it in a smooth, intuitive way suitable for enjoying watching sessions and exploring the community behind the project. 

Council for Exceptional Children


This website built by Five Jars attracts educators to join the association. CEC has been a rich source of materials on successful approaches to teaching exceptional children since 1922. 

The organization needed its old website version to be migrated from Sitecore CMS with a fresh design. As a result, in the new version powered by Drupal 9, all crucial user engagement metrics have increased by 18% on average. 

Learn more in the case study.

McDonald’s Australia

6-McDonald’s Australia.jpg

What can you expect on a massive B2C brand’s website? McDonald’s Australia has it all powered by Drupal. Mouth-watering images of your favourite menu items, nearby restaurant location, news, career portal, charity programs, and nutrition tips are just a few of the things you’ll find. 



Nokia is a multinational telecommunications company. It updates users on their latest mobile innovations and presents phone models' characteristics with smooth, high-quality layouts built with Drupal 9.

Arsenal FC

8-Arsenal FC.jpg

With a big fanbase, Arsenal takes advantage of the API-friendly Drupal stack making sure users don’t have a hard time signing in with their socials, shopping brand items, finding tickets, exploring the content hub, and more. 

Princeton University

9-Princeton University.jpg

Just like Oxford, Princeton needs capacity and scalability for the amounts of content published every day for multiple audiences linked to the university. In addition to the endless educational materials, the website offers visual stories to immerse prospective students into the life they might enjoy at Princeton.

Baker Hughes

10-Baker Hughes.jpg

The trustworthy energy technology company chooses Drupal to notify their audience about the latest energy equipment and case studies to explore how new solutions impact the environment and how to better integrate them on the site. 



In a post-pandemic remote world, collaborative tools play a key role in maintaining business processes and connecting teams. Box does exactly this, giving niche businesses from healthcare to retail an all-in-one workflow management tool. 

Lady Gaga

12-Lady Gaga.jpg

Celebrities also need to search for the ideal platforms to distribute information about their tours, tickets, and new creative pieces. Lady Gaga is one of those who opted for Drupal.

math Xplain


Precalculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability theory. All of these are easily accessible at math Xplain. A captivating visual representation of the Math behind the sciences inevitably creates the urge in professionally-driven users to proceed to the course overview. 


14-WHITE bIRD.jpg

With the number of e-commerce projects emerging, it is getting harder and harder to stand out as an online store. But this is not the case with the elegantly crafted WHITE bIRD jewellery brand. As the brand creator mentions: “Every piece I select translates emotion, freedom, and authenticity”. So does each item’s page. 



Audubon protects birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. The visual part of their websites speaks of their love for the creatures. As an offline project, it still celebrates the opportunities opened by the analytics software available in the market and combines multiple of them without shortcuts in load speed.

911 Memorial

16-911 Memorial.jpg

The 911 Memorial is one of the initiatives with a crucial mission behind it. To commemorate the tragic event, the organizers host the website to educate the visitors on what impact it still has in America and around the world. The content encourages students, teachers, and the general public to share the story and learn about the consequences of 9/11.

World Wildlife Fund

17-World Wildlife Fund.jpg

The world’s leading independent conservation organization’s website provides both learning materials and action tips for all people interested in preserving nature and preventing the dreadful consequences of human activities. This Drupal-based website combines sophisticated graphics and integrates with the major advertising platforms to spread awareness and engage the public in nature preservation.



Many financial services rely on Drupal, too. Paychex helps businesses to set up their payroll processes and supports their HR. Their business page is a useful hub for any manager looking for ways to optimize their remote and in-office workflows. 

New York State

19-New York State.jpg

The official website of the State of New York is as simple as it is helpful for citizens. It is a nicely organized portal, where you can find a job, renew your vehicle registration, get updates on legislation, and explore all the state services as well as your eligibility for each. 



Creative agencies are frequently the first to adopt open-source opportunities. Their designs are magnetic and user-oriented to the core. Advent agency knows exactly what content management systems are powerful enough to present their project stories and drive the imagination. 

The Children’s Society

21-The Children’s Society.jpg

A content management system with a forever-free license is the most optimal solution for many non-profits, including the Children’s Society. Besides the basic functionality needed to raise funds and grow a community of volunteers and partners, the website’s frontend demonstrates that the animated hand-written inspirational titles appeal to the best emotions kept inside of us.

Gurney’s Resorts

22-Gurney’s Resorts.jpg

Gurney’s Resorts offers a flexible and intuitively simple-to-follow booking functionality with everything you need in a user path. With a beautifully-planned pastel design and booking features set up with Drupal Commerce, it serves users from awareness and interest to repurchase. 



Just like McDonald’s Australia, Instabar is well aware of how mouth-watering the food presentation should be. Each bar has a separate page, where it pops up and moves as though it’s ready to jump right into your hand. 

The National Forest

24-The National Forest.jpg

The largest planting initiative in 1000 years in England chooses Drupal 9 to organize their activities and all the parties involved in the support of the project.

Benech Neurosurgery

25-Benech Neurosurgery.jpg

Benech neurosurgery and spine specialists’ website does an excellent job of presenting their field with high-resolution video content. Viewer-friendly infographics of their latest robotic-based approach to spine surgeries help build trust with potential patients. 

Planning on migrating your website to Drupal? 

Use these website examples to get inspiration for your future layouts, colour schemes, user paths, and more. However, it’s always best to come up with something new!

Five Jars is a turnkey Drupal development team, and we can make your project a reality with the collaborative approach trained with numerous accomplished projects.

Alex Schedrov
CEO with 13 years of experience in delivering digital solutions to global institutions such as Stanford University, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has a keen eye for strategy and can address challenges from both the business and tech sides.


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