Navigating the Future: Insights from TLCC 2023

Sep 27, 2023
By Dmitry Drozdik

The Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC) 2023 in Orlando marked a milestone in Five Jars' pursuit of innovation and collaboration.

Our goal was to immerse ourselves in the community and discover how our experience can help the Tessitura community and organizations that employ Tessitura CRM.

TLCC has evolved a lot during its history. We found that this year, TLCC emphasized two important directions: technical advancement and community engagement. These trends, which are closely connected to the evolution of Tessitura, have an immense impact on our strategies and future endeavors. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the event, and we were excited to finally engage with the community.


Tessitura's Journey in remarkable numbers 

During TLCC 2023 Orlando, there was a lot of excitement as people learned about the main focuses of the event, which brought together the most important aspects of Tessitura's amazing 22-year history. Two key trends that demonstrate how Tessitura continues to evolve were the focus of the conference. 

The first trend was technical and highlighted Tessitura's impressive achievement: the transition to version 16. This big change is transforming the platform into a progressive web application. Tessitura will be easier to access and use, without needing specialized software like Citrix. Careful planning and hard work by Tessitura’s development team are ensuring a smooth transition.

The conference also highlighted the growing importance of community involvement. Tessitura's user group, spanning 10 nations, has grown significantly, reflecting the expanded development team and community. Diversity and inclusion are essential foundations in this dynamic community, reflecting the core values of Five Jars.

How Tessitura is growing and making a difference:

  • According to Tessitura’s updates during the conference, there are 339 team members, which indicates that the team (both non-technical and technical members) doubled in size compared to previous years.
  • A total of 1,588 people attended in person, demonstrating the energy of a thriving community.   
  • Another 488 people participated virtually across the globe. 

This is a testament to Tessitura's global influence and digital connections. Many voices at TLCC 2023 blended harmoniously, celebrating Tessitura's 22-year history, its 800 organizations served, and its global reach.


Empowering User Journeys: Five Jars' Takeaways from TLCC 2023

During the conference, I heard interesting stories that resonated with Five Jars. We are skilled at integrating Tessitura and TNEW with corporate websites. Customizing the user experience to match the unique goals and preferences of each user was a significant step forward. Website navigation has become an engaging, user-centered journey. In today's digital age of portable devices, user-friendly web content is a requirement, not an indulgence.

By acknowledging the rising need for customized user experiences, we realized we were in a good position to make a contribution. We are prepared to share our expertise in simplifying ticketing, memberships, and other processes. Today, the importance of a unique purchase experience cannot be overstated when it comes to user satisfaction.

TLCC 2023 wasn't just an event. It was like a roadmap that helped guide Five Jars in the right direction. As we delved into the intricacies of Tessitura's CRM and saw how our clients and other organizations were using it, new horizons began to materialize. These insights were not kept in the background but were seamlessly integrated into our current strategies. Our strategy has a new direction thanks to our relationship with Tessitura.

Challenges as Opportunities

In the midst of our revelations, obstacles began to appear. Tessitura's transition to version 16 proved to be a complicated undertaking with a timeline of eighteen months. We had the opportunity to help identify and overcome the obstacles that arose during this transition.

We are able to create micro-products that leverage the capabilities of Tessitura to benefit the community as a whole and specific organizations. Our expertise in the open-source community can guide the development of Tessitura in a new direction. Tessitura's current main challenge is migrating all its customers to version 16, which is projected to take up to 1.5 years.



TLCC 2023 was a game-changer. I left TLCC with plenty of valuable insights that sparked new ideas for our journey. Instead of just presenting trends, TLCC told the story of innovation and the strength of the community.

Watching Tessitura's technological growth firsthand was truly eye-opening. The change to Version 16 is significant and more than just an upgrade. It represents a major shift in accessibility, starting a new era of smooth interaction. The careful planning and dedication required for this important step were demonstrated by the developers' commitment to unchanging goals until the end of 2024.

Five Jars values community engagement and diversity, which are aligned with the values of Tessitura. Our shared commitment to the advancement of inclusivity has deepened our bond beyond the conference room. We recognize the challenges that come with growth and change.  We see this as an opportunity for our expertise to support Tessitura users on this journey.

In essence, TLCC 2023 was a gathering of hope and opportunity. Five Jars went on this journey with purpose. We came back with a clear vision. TLCC 2023's impact lingers, fueling our determination to break new ground and create revolutionary futures. The combination of new ideas, shared values, obstacles, and expertise has set Five Jars on a path to a bright future.

Many thanks to all participants, speakers, organizers, and the Tessitura team. 
Your dedication and enthusiasm made TLCC 2023 an unforgettable experience that will continue to influence our future development.

Dmitry Drozdik
COO and Technology Strategist with 13 years of experience in delivering integrated solutions to international clients. He developed technical strategies and built dozens of enterprise-level projects with Drupal and other content management systems.


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