The Best E-commerce Modules for Drupal

Jan 18, 2022
By Anastasia Rats

Drupal offers powerful modules for various purposes. They are easy to install, highly customizable, and add great value to both business and clients' experience. We've already published the top-17 Drupal SEO modules, and in today's article, we're going to talk about the best e-commerce modules for Drupal.

E-commerce modules are helpful when you want to customize shopping carts, apply discounts, or introduce subscriptions and recurring payments opportunities on your website. Some modules can be used for setting up email notifications or generating invoices. Overall, e-commerce modules are a must-have if you want to build a site that offers a satisfying shopping experience. Let's check out the most useful of such modules.

The Best Drupal E-commerce Modules

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Commerce Core

It has replaced an older e-Commerce module. The Commerce Core module is a complete solution that offers a wide variety of features, such as dynamic product pages display, product types with custom attributes, and order management. This module will benefit you if you need to integrate different payment methods into your online store, as its powerful payment API has more than 100 payment gateways. This is a huge module where you can find a lot of basic and advanced features.

Commerce Shipping

This module can be helpful for those who sell products online and then distribute them. It offers a system to calculate a shipping cost based on a user's location instead of fixed costs. Such an approach is essential to businesses that plan considerable growth in the future because it means you'll be able to establish more complex shipping scenarios. Commerce Shipping has to be integrated into shipping method modules like Commerce Flat Rate, Commerce UPS, etc.

Commerce Stock

This module provides stock management for Drupal Commerce stores. It should help prevent "overbooking" and checking out goods out of stock.

Commerce Recurring Framework

This module provides recurring billing for Drupal commerce and is useful for dealing with subscriptions or licenses. It includes configurable billing intervals, prepaid and postpaid billing types, adjusting the charged price based on the duration of its usage, free trials.

Commerce PayPal

This project integrates PayPal into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems. It currently supports off-site payment via PayPal Payments Standard (WPS) and PayPal Express Checkout (EC), off-site or on-site payment via PayPal Payments Advanced (PPA) and Payflow Link (PFL), and on-site credit card payment via PayPal Payments Pro (WPP). The PayPal WPS / EC integration supports PayPal's Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) to react to authorizations, captures, voids, and refunds with full logging for testing and debugging.

Drupal Commerce Connector for AvaTax

This module has been certified by Avalara for address validation and sales tax calculation via the AvaTax REST API. So, it helps deal with taxes by sending real-time sales tax calculations to a shopping cart and also validates the user's shipping address for accuracy.


This module is a good choice if you need to manage product information across the retail supply chain. It offers a user-friendly interface to edit product descriptions, features, images, or specs and share this data between different marketers. To use this module, you will have to create a Salsify account. This is an excellent example of integration with PIM software. The Open Source and extensible natures of Drupal and Commerce make them easy to connect to external systems.


Drupal has the best e-commerce solutions in comparison to other CMSs. With these Drupal modules, you can make your online store convenient and engaging for clients. 

There are a lot of other Drupal modules available, so if you need something that is not listed here, try searching for it. And simply contact us if you need any assistance in setting up your Drupal website.

Anastasia Rats
Anastasia Rats
IT marketing specialist with 6+ years of experience. She is passionate about new technologies combined with the humanities. Anastasia is delighted with the Drupal community and enjoys watching the popularization of open source.


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