Advantages of Building a Drupal Website with AI Capabilities

Mar 02, 2022
By Alex Schedrov

AI technology and solutions based on it are getting more and more widespread in different industries. Web development is no exception. The application of AI can reveal valuable business opportunities and boost the quality of your customer service.

However, to ensure the high performance of the website that utilizes artificial intelligence, you should choose the tech stack for its development very carefully. Keep reading to learn what you can achieve by incorporating AI into a Drupal-based website.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Integrating AI into Your Drupal Website?

Convenient visual content management tools

1-Ease content management

Tools that utilize intelligent image recognition technologies can organize photos submitted by users and analyze pictures to identify persons and objects in photographs. Such tools automate particular content management tasks, such processes as pictures moderation, and many more.

Enhance the customer service and user experience 

2-Enhance the customer service

They also give an opportunity to deliver customer service 24/7 regardless of the time zone. Well-made chatbots can offer decent customer support when your human team is unavailable.

Determine trends in customer behavior and improve targeting

3-Determine trends

AI tools help when it comes to analyzing a lot of unstructured data. Algorithms help improve targeting and make customer journeys more personalized by providing product and service recommendations. At the end of the day, all this contributes to optimizing your project's marketing budget. 

Make e-commerce more profitable

4-Make e-commerce more profitable

AI implementation results in increased e-commerce rates and revenue thanks to advanced lead generation, localized campaigns, predictive analytics, and new upselling opportunities.  

Improve the website SEO

5-Convenient visual content

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize your content for search engines. Higher search engine ranking leads to having more traffic to the website, and that’s exactly what your marketing department wants.


Examples of Drupal Modules that Offer AI Features

Azure Cognitive Services API module is a combination of APIs for different features. Among them are emotion and video detection, facial and speech recognition, and speech and language understanding.

Chatbot API module can be used for creating such solutions. While you usually would need separated custom pieces of code for every assistant platform protocol, duplicating effort and points of failure, Chatbot API allows writing the code once without caring about handling the requests and responses.

Acquia Lift Connector is the module that delivers cohesive and personalized experiences across multiple channels and devices by merging content and customer data into one tool. Among other things, this module provides drag-and-drop UI for content targeting, unified customer profile, behavioral targeting, and A/B testing.

Textmetrics is the tool that will make suggestions in real-time to improve the text optimisation to be recognizable by search engines and match the target audience at the same time. 

Cloudwords for Multilingual is a module that allows faster delivery of global campaigns and localized assets. It speeds up the process of reaching customers and delivering consistent content in multiple languages.


So, what are the most significant benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence into Drupal? Let's summarize:

  • A personalized user experience for the website visitors
  • Automation of content and marketing tasks.
  • Improved targeting and better e-commerce.

We can say that overall, adding AI capabilities to the Drupal website makes the user experience smoother and increases your team's efficiency. As you automate your team's content and marketing workflows, your clients receive more personalized experiences when using your website. This is a win-win situation for both sides: your targeted marketing pays off, and your clients get a more engaging user experience.


Alex Schedrov
CEO with 13 years of experience in delivering digital solutions to global institutions such as Stanford University, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has a keen eye for strategy and can address challenges from both the business and tech sides.


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