Open Y 2.0 - Decoupled Distribution

YMCA small, medium and large

The Problem

While early builds of Open Y served well for large YMCAs, installing and configuring a new Open Y site was still out of the reach of many smaller associations due to limitations on budget, staff, and technology.  

The Solution

A new version of Open Y could make use of everything we have learned through working with dozens of YMCAs and learning about their specific needs.  A focus on a solid, yet flexible architecture would not only allow us to implement a faster and simpler set-up for Open Y, but would also provide a dramatically improved foundation for future improvements.

The Results

Open Y 2.0 was released in February 2019 as a result of a collaboration between Open Y core partners. This is a major milestone for the Open Y project. In addition to reducing the expenses related to the installation and maintenance of Open Y so that it is more accessible to small and medium-sized YMCAs, Open Y 2.0 included several new features, including a full-featured activity finder and a foundation for future growth.

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