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All you need to know about web hosting

What should you know about hosting? How important is it for business? What types of hosting exist? This interview is a perfect guide that will help you to choose a right hosting provider.


Five Jars, together with Platform.sh, prepared a detailed guide on how to choose the right hosting for your website and what makes a hosting provider outstanding in the first place. The expert team behind the guide comprises:

Experts are discussing the pivotal role of website hosting: In today's digital landscape, a business's first impression is often its website, making hosting crucial. They also touch on the topic of hosting types, comparing Shared Hosting's affordability, VPS Hosting's scalability, Dedicated Hosting's control, and Cloud Hosting's flexibility.

You will learn about factors influencing hosting choices, such as performance monitoring, security considerations, scalability, and management complexities, to ensure businesses make informed decisions tailored to their needs.


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