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Web Development RFP Template

Writing an RFP is time-consuming, and so is responding to it. We prepared the internal document that we address when it comes to the RFP template.

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Your website needs a major redesign, and you decided to put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a more formal approach to vendor selection.

So let’s say you want to write an RFP that will generate interest and ultimately responses from qualified vendors, one of whom you will select as the partner in your web development project. Potential qualified vendors will judge whether it is worthwhile for them to submit a proposal. The best outcome is a win-win for both you and the selected vendor.


Introduction: Provide an overview of your organization and project goals to help vendors respond in context.
Background: Describes the target web audience, current website (if applicable), and business objectives for the new website.
Scope of Work: Defines the services expected from the vendor, including project management, design, development, content migration, training, hosting, and support.
Requirements: Outlines technical aspects like platform, functionality, and deployment requirements to guide vendors in creating tailored solutions.
Budget Details: Presents budget expectations and constraints to give vendors a clear understanding of financial parameters.
Proposal Content Requirements: Specifies what must be included in vendor proposals, including executive summaries, statements of work, technology resources, and cost breakdowns.
RFP & Project Timeline Details: Highlights important project dates and submission details, ensuring transparency and clarifications.
Submission Instructions: Inform vendors on how to submit proposals and clarify the confidentiality of proposal information.


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