'Ukraine is not a territory, it is people, it is truly a nation of heroes!': developer and volunteer Andrii L.

Apr 20, 2022
By Anastasia Rats

From the beginning of the military invasion, our front-end developer Andrii bravely joined the ranks of volunteers and to this day continues to help people in all territories of Ukraine. We asked Andrii to tell us about his activities and what is happening in the soul of every Ukrainian now.

— So what exactly was your role in a volunteering mission?

— At first, we just kept in touch with our friends from abroad, they completed the delivery of humanitarian supplies and helped in any way they could. Then we managed to contact charitable organizations and the Mission. We have been cooperating with some of them for a long time, some are quite new. So we started to carry humanitarian cargo ourselves. 

All this is unloaded at our "transhipment point" - on the premises of our church. We sort out supplies, pack them up and send everything to people who really need it. First of all, the military needs night vision binoculars, body armour, walkie-talkies, power bank flashlights, etc. Also, refugees from the destroyed cities have only one backpack of things left. Often these are families with children. We have everything for such people (baby food, diapers, clothes, food). Also, humanitarian cargo is sent to cities where people are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe (Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, etc.). This is a much more difficult task, as we are not always able to get close to cities due to rocket attacks and shooting to kill - each such trip feels like the last one in life. Our humanitarian mission tried to take people out of Chernihiv. Due to the fact that the bridges were destroyed, our people took boats and sailed to the city with food, and returned back with refugees. A lot of stories…


Our heroic front-end developer Andrey is engaged in volunteer activities on the territory of Ukraine. 

Also, we do not forget about our relatively quiet cities, where explosions are not so often. People for the most part lost their jobs and, as a result, their means of livelihood. This is especially true of old grannies who do not agree to leave and are left alone, or disabled people. For such and many other people, we make food packages and deliver them to cities. Also, if possible, we cover the needs of maternity and other hospitals, and pre-trial detention centres.

We also have the opportunity to send women and children to Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy. We took about two orphanages to the Czech Republic and organized a children's camp. Our volunteers became counsellors, and our foreign friends organized places where children can live in peace literally from birth.

— Why did you decide that you need to join the volunteer movement?

— I must do something. Yes, perhaps I am not defending the Motherland with a machine gun in my hands, but now my country is very hopeful for those who remained in the rear. When I go to bed I ask myself: 'What have I done to bring Ukraine's victory closer?' and in the morning, when I open my eyes: 'How can I bring victory closer today?'

This is not the first time that we have done this kind of work. Today this need is not just a virtue, it is our duty to Ukraine! No other way.

— All these people who are part of the relief movement - who are they?

— Many people took part in this, at first, it was jus us, but then we were joined by refugees who can't just sit and grieve over the past, or ordinary curious people who accidentally entered our premises. All these wonderful people explode to help others. Ukraine is united like never before.

— What was the most difficult for you during this period?

— Most likely, this is news that does not allow you to relax for a second, sirens near your ears, which sometimes accompany explosions, and parting with my family.

— Is there anything you understood about yourself and Ukraine during this month?

— We have strong and indestructible people! The world has changed forever in this month and it will never be the same again. Ukraine is not a territory, it is people, it is truly a nation of heroes! And I'm proud to be a small part of it.

— If you know, please tell us what are the ways to help Ukraine now? It is especially interesting how people can help from abroad?

— Oddly enough, it's money. There is a lot of humanitarian cargo, but military supplies (overalls, night vision, bulletproof vests) are so expensive and so necessary. We very often have to help complete the kits for the soldiers, we are looking for channels where we can buy the necessary things (and this is very difficult because there are almost none). If we find things, then the main problem is money.

— Do you plan to return to volunteering if necessary?

— I'm still there, now my fate has subsided a bit, as there are many new people ready to work, but almost every day - I'm there!

Anastasia Rats
Anastasia Rats
IT marketing specialist with 6+ years of experience. She is passionate about new technologies combined with the humanities. Anastasia is delighted with the Drupal community and enjoys watching the popularization of open source.


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