Top 5 Amazing Websites Built with Symfony

Jan 17, 2023
By Anastasia Rats

PHP is a strict language, and the Symfony framework is not an exception. It is a well-organized tool for many projects, and even entire content management systems choose it as the foundation behind their products.

The article will review the advantages of the Symfony framework and the best website examples built with it.

Advantages of Symfony

The community often compares Symfony to Laravel, another popular PHP framework. Both have their advantages and let us describe why Symfony wins. 

  • The Symfony community encounters millions of people, and it multiplies. All people behind the framework make it develop and follow the market needs;
  • Symfony powers multiple content management systems, such as Drupal, and Magento, some of the most significant products of this kind;
  • It ensures robust modularity and makes the framework easy to read, operate, and maintain;
  • It supports all of the popular databases and is easy to integrate.

Not surprising that some of the fantastic Symfony-based websites are CMSs, but let’s review all the prominent examples.

Amazing Websites Built with Symfony

University of York

1_University of York

Symfony is an excellent choice for projects that need to operate with much content. Any university must store data such as past admissions statistics, research papers, contest archives, and more. The University of York lets you take a virtual visit as an undergraduate or postgraduate student and displays all the news across departments and course data. Parts of the website are built with Symfony to ensure optimal memory consumption and high load speed.

SPARC Connect

SPARC Connect

The Fashion Institute of Technology is another educational organization based in New York City that relies on Symfony. Their special portal is devoted to the FIT Library’s special collections and college archives. Their users can find physical masterpieces and digital objects by genre, subject, or place. Due to Symfony’s proficiency with databases, it is not unusual that the whole gallery has it behind the scene.

Your Life Choices

Your Life Choices

Your Life Choices is the largest and most trusted Australian digital publisher for the 50+ audience. Numerous content topic categories vary from traveling to health and helping people navigate their midlife and enjoy retirement. The platform is powered with WordPress and has Symfony components to keep the structure expandable, stable, and sustainable.

SBDC Pennsylvania

SBDC Pennsylvania

SBDC Pennsylvania supports state businesses with free educational programs and consulting services. The Symfony-driven website allows business owners and entrepreneurs to study webinars, request consultations, look for nearby center offices, and explore the blog.



OpenSky unites over 70 000 independent merchants selling high-quality goods. It provides basic purchase paths for users and invites more sellers to join through MoreCommerce. What is impressive about the website is its capability to host and update a broad product range in diverse categories and never sacrifice the load speed. The customer journey on the platform is flawless, smooth, and goal-oriented.

Thinking of a Symfony-Powered Website?

Symfony is a reliable PHP framework that has everything a project needs. It might not be as popular as some JavaScript frameworks, but it does deliver a solid foundation for the products planning to stay long-term.

Five Jars team has built numerous Symfony-powered websites delivering an exceptional user experience and non-stopping operation. With the in-built components, the framework allows our team to create new features quickly and reduce time-to-market. Feel free to contact us if you consider building your product with Symfony.

Anastasia Rats
Anastasia Rats
IT marketing specialist with 6+ years of experience. She is passionate about new technologies combined with the humanities. Anastasia is delighted with the Drupal community and enjoys watching the popularization of open source.


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