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Jul 13, 2021
By Anastasia Rats

Drupal provides a lot of themes for the site front end as well as the back end. It might be hard to choose between hundreds of them, so we decided to help. In this post, we offer you our favorite Drupal themes which can fit various Drupal projects.

If you want to have some variety in your website, make it recognizable and smoother, but don't want to invest a lot of money in it, check our selection of Drupal themes for the front end. However, if your requirements are higher, you want to make the site's admin panel more usable and add some extra features, then skip ahead to the last part of the article and consider using some of the best Drupal themes for the admin side. 

Here's a full list of the top Drupal themes for your convenience:


Free Front-End Drupal Themes

There are a lot of free Drupal themes for the site frontend. They suit your project perfectly if you want to customize a website fast and for little money.


1. Showcase Lite

Best Drupal themes: Showcase lite

A free mobile-first, Bootstrap 3 based theme for Drupal 8 supporting 1, 2 and 3-columns layout. Showcase Lite is based on the Premium Showcase+ theme distribution, and it's perfect for portfolio sites.

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2. Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme

Top Drupal themes: Zymphonies theme

A Bootstrap 3 based theme with multi-level responsive Drupal 8 menus and Font awesome icons. The theme allows you to edit or copyright content from the settings page and supports 1, 2 and 3-columns layout. 

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3. Minimal Lite

Best Drupal themes: Minimal lite

This is another free theme based on a premium theme distribution called Minimal. Minimal Lite is a mobile-first, Bootstrap 4-based theme for Drupal 8, and it comes in handy when building corporate or business sites.

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4. Business

Top Drupal themes: Business

This theme is very lightweight and not dependent on any core theme. It has a multi-level dropdown menu, supports 1, 2 and 3-columns layout, and HTML5 and super clean markup. Well-suited for different corporate and business websites you want to run quickly.

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5. W3CSS Theme

Top Drupal themes: W3CSS

The first Drupal theme that implements the w3.css framework. This is a mobile-first theme, it is smaller and faster than other CSS frameworks, and it uses only standard CSS. The theme has 26 sections with changeable colors for modifying background and text color, text shadow and many more. 

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6. Skeleton

Top Drupal themes: Skeleton

This responsive, mobile-friendly Drupal theme is based on Skeleton Boilerplate. It has color module integration with two extra color schemes. It supports 1, 2 and 3-columns layout, multi-level CSS dropdown menu and a jQuery responsive menu plugin to switch the menu into a dropdown select list when a browser is at mobile widths.

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7. Architects Zymphonies

Top Drupal themes: Architects Zymphonies

This mobile-first responsive Bootstrap theme has all Drupal default components and suits perfectly when you want to build an architectural website with Drupal 9. Its homepage layouts consist of 2 column top, 4 column middle and 4 column bottom layouts. In addition, the theme includes Sass & Compass source file and a custom slider for unlimited image upload.

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Those who want something more advanced and still not too costly might consider paid Drupal themes for the site frontend. Paid themes usually go together with the support, which makes them easier to install even with minimal technical knowledge.


Top Drupal themes: Minimal+ Business

This theme has a minimalist design, custom modules, and many features and settings for site customization. Very helpful in enhancing products, services and client stories representation.

Price: $69


Best paid Drupal themes: Focus

This lightweight, clean and elegant responsive theme for Drupal 8 can be perfectly used for building corporate as well as in blog sites. It supports 1, 2 or 3 column layout, multi-level dropdown menus and HTML5 and super clean markup.

Price: $75


Best paid Drupal themes: Fashion Expert

The charming design of this theme is best suited for personal, professional-looking websites. It enriches the site view with background photos while its well-structured and highly customizable content blocks help organize the information in the desired way.

Price: $69


Best paid Drupal themes: Property Provider

This theme is created for websites that advertise properties. It has special plugins for organizing gallery pictures in lightboxes, sharing the content in social networks, and creating slideshows. Plus, it allows locating a filterable gallery on the front page to start demonstrating dream homes right away.

Price: $75


Best paid themes in Drupal: Express Bank

The theme is designed specifically for financial institutions. It is fully responsive and straightforward to reconfigure. Besides, its smooth design features green interface elements contributing to building an image of a reliable organization.

Price: $75


Top paid Drupal themes: Rocket Design

Creative agencies will be happy to use this web design theme with a clean layout, sortable galleries, jQuery effects and a big hero image in the header. It looks astonishing and offers various features for a spectacular eCommerce.

Price: $75


Best paid Drupal themes: Management Solutions

Developed for businesses in a management area, this calm theme allows organizing content most efficiently while using colours and visual accents to draw attention to the essential pieces of information.

Price: $75


Administration Drupal Themes

If you need something truly special - and if you are not completely satisfied with the Drupal admin experience, which is OK, by the way - try utilizing Drupal themes for the site backend. With these approaches, you will change the administrator interface and get some helpful bonus tools. Here are our favorite admin Drupal themes.


1. Adminimal

Top Drupal administration themes: Adminimal

The design of this responsive administrative theme is minimalistic yet modern and offers up to 3-column main content. Such an approach allows placing left and right sidebars blocks inside the content page, which improves navigation. The Adminimal Menu submodule also serves this purpose. Moreover, the theme enables writing custom CSS and keeping the changes even after updating the theme code. Adminimal is the most popular contributed Drupal theme for the back end.

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2. Claro

Top Drupal administration themes: Claro

This attractive theme added in the 8.8 release applies a clear contemporary design to the Drupal admin panel. As a result, the theme looks pretty decent right out of the box. It was built as an outcome of the Admin UI and JavaScript modernization, the initiative aiming to renovate the Drupal administration experience.

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3. Gin

Top Drupal administration themes: Gin

This somewhat futuristic theme is based on the Claro and adds more opportunities for customization. Note that to utilize all the potential of the theme, you might need some additional modules. Gin offers a neat admin navigation system and supports not only a standard white mode but also a dark one.

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Bonus: Custom Themes

If you need a more tailored theme or want to implement a custom design, you can build your Drupal theme on top of a base one with the development team. For example, Bootstrap and Material base are perfectly suited for customization.


1. Bootstrap

This is a base theme that connects Drupal and the Bootstrap Framework. It has a jsDelivr CDN for "out-of-the-box" styling and faster page load times. 


2. Material base

This base theme for Drupal 7, 8 and 9 implements Material Design concept by Google. One can blend its components to build a specific Drupal theme instead of making it from scratch.



Drupal templates and themes are beneficial for customizing not only the visual look of the website but also an administrative experience. You can choose between free and paid, front-end and back-end themes depending on your goals and budget. We selected several of our favorite ones, but there are literally hundreds of them, meaning it's possible to find something suitable for any project.

Anastasia Rats
Anastasia Rats
IT marketing specialist with 6+ years of experience. She is passionate about new technologies combined with the humanities. Anastasia is delighted with the Drupal community and enjoys watching the popularization of open source.


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