15 Companies That Use Angular Successfully

Dec 05, 2022
By Anastasia Rats

Angular has contributed to the development of thousands of web apps across the globe. It primarily serves for SPAs (Single Page Apps) containing only one page technically.


Besides, Angular is the best choice if you are building a PWA (a progressive web app) or wish to provide an excellent native experience to the users.

Advantages of Angular

Why use Angular? At least for the following five reasons:

  1. It has a strong community behind it, including Google, and develops dynamically.
  2. It is easy to read and test.
  3. You can build SPAs and PWAs with it and create a memorable UI.
  4. Developers love it. They can reuse many components to make a project move faster.
  5. It is easy to maintain and update. 


Angular is a famous leading JavaScript framework that well-established companies use to power their essential web and mobile apps. Let’s look at them!

Companies That Use Angular Successfully



Upwork connects the best talents with companies all over the world. No surprise that they are the first to adopt the latest technologies as they are always aware of what's popular in the market. It's an outstanding example of the single-page app experience.

With Angular, users get intuitive job search, contract flow, payment flow, and many other elements that feel just right. 



Forbes often holds the first position in Google search results and offers responsive design to business news readers. Among the largest world media using Angular, Forbes stands out by its minimalistic but convincing frontend.



Schedulicity offers smooth scheduling and booking experiences for various industries, from education to beauty. Real-time updates of special offers and discounts leave users with zero chance of solo exploring nearby businesses.



Loved by Google, Angular shapes the primary interface of the modern email exchange. Gmail is a single-page application. Even a non-techy user can imagine how new messages pop up without a page reloading.

YouTube TV

5-YouTube TV.jpg

Angular makes watching TV easier by connecting the most popular online platforms with TV sets of famous brands. Besides, watching favorite TV shows with an Angular-based app saves a lot of data.



Udacity is one of the most trusted e-learning platforms thanks to its brilliant user experience, rich content, and intuitive learning paths. Its frontend encounters all features needed for students and tutors to have a flawless educational process.

The Weather Channel

7-The Weather Channel.jpg

The IBM-owned Weather Channel displays real-time weather data with intuitive graphics and maps. The app tracks location in seconds and shows relevant data instantly. Despite numerous integrations, its load speed doesn’t suffer at all.



Load speed is crucial for any website aggregating real-time data during user searches. At jetBlue, users want to search for the best flight options quickly, and giving them this opportunity means preserving the platform's competitive advantage.

Rockstar Games

9-Rockstar Games.jpg

Provider of the most popular computer games must be exclusive in its technologies. The broad range of games requires many custom landing pages and a high-powered backend to support subdomains. Luckily, Angular is a handy connecting link for this task.



Crunchbase facilitates entrepreneurship by connecting investors, professionals, and other business actors. It provides them with crucial insights generated by enhanced analytics. Angular fits in perfectly and powers numerous dashboards and visualizations designed to foster informed decision-making.



Autodesk provides industry-approved design software that even low-cost projects can afford. Angular implementation on the company's business page highlights its products' leadership and advancement.



Multiple payment platforms use Angular, including PayPal. Here we mention Wise for its wise shift towards transparency and safety combined with the stress-free user experience.



The Lego website instantly splits the users into two groups: those who want to shop and those who want to play. Users will find games based on their favorite movies with Lego toys as characters in a play zone. Imagine how powerful Angular is because it can build many worlds on a single website.

Rainforest Connection

14-Rainforest Connection.jpg

Rainforest Connection helps preserve rainforests. It uses bio-acoustic monitoring to research wild environments and represent this data with its web app. Besides research purposes, the organization spreads awareness and welcomes everyone to listen to the rainforests in their mobile app.



Content streaming platforms receive huge volumes of web and mobile traffic. Watching a TV show on your iPhone in a globally popular app like HBO is the best way to see Angular work in heavy conditions.

Are You Planning to Go for Angular?

Angular is famous in frontend circles for a reason. Readability, modular structure, and code consistency make it the best fit for progressive web apps and single-page applications.

Five Jars has a dedicated team of Angular developers who track all the latest updates in Angular usage and contribute to its development. Feel free to contact our team to make sure Angular is the best choice for your project.

Anastasia Rats
Anastasia Rats
IT marketing specialist with 6+ years of experience. She is passionate about new technologies combined with the humanities. Anastasia is delighted with the Drupal community and enjoys watching the popularization of open source.


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