Open Y Digital Signage

Digital Signage


Digital signage allows an organization to publicly display rich, dynamic information. For YMCAs, one of the primary uses is to provide easy, real-time information in branches about class schedules for members. This information can be interspersed with promotional information or announcements as needed.

The Problem

Many YMCAs and similar organizations would benefit from the use of digital signage as an easy, convenient way to provide information to their members. Unfortunately, the expense of proprietary solutions has made digital signage cost-prohibitive for many smaller YMCAs, and even larger organizations would benefit from lower costs. Moreover, much of the information that YMCAs would like to present on digital signs comes from third-party systems that do not necessarily integrate well with existing digital signage solutions.

The Solution 

The Five Jars team has created a set of modules that build on the Open Y Program Event Framework to pull class information from systems including GroupEx Pro, Personify, and ActiveNet. Through a simple user interface, administrators can manage digital signs across multiple facilities, allowing class information along with other content from your website, to be displayed on screens with the flexible control and YMCA brand-compliance you need. Since this is built on Open Y, it does not require a costly subscription to a third-party service. 

The Result

YMCAs like YMCA of Greater Twin Cities, YMCA of Greater Brandywine, and YMCA of Greater San Antonio have adopted the Open Y digital signage solution to both improve functionality and reduce costs. In addition, the Digital Signage project and all features have been published as an open-source library on GitHub, so anyone can use an improve it.

Digital Signage Promo Screen


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Website for YMCA of Greater Brandywine

YMCA of Greater Brandywine

Simple, powerful, and innovative Open Y website that makes members happy
YMCA of Greater Brandywine encompasses eight YMCAs with more than 80,000 members across Chester County.

We worked with the YMCA to digitally transform their membership experience. Starting with a migration to the Open Y platform, we quickly followed with improved Group Exercise schedules, a streamlined program registration process, a digital signage launch with promotional and schedules screens, all while lowering expenses for future Open Y upgrades and digital signage software.
Amazon Alexa skill for YMCA

Amazon Alexa Skill for YMCA

Speak with the YMCA through your voice assistant
YMCA members are increasingly relying on mobile devices, voice assistants, and new channels of content delivery. YMCA associations need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that they meet the needs of their members. Five Jars created an Amazon Alexa skill that allows users to interact with YMCA content through conversational, natural language, and shows off a variety of new features.
Channel Islands YMCA

Channel Islands YMCA

Fresh Open Y website boosts web traffic and revenue
Channel Islands YMCA has maintained eight replicated WordPress websites with its growth. The project's main goal was to consolidate all websites to one primary site with branch landing pages and create one-off pages from each landing page. Launched Open Y website simplified website navigation, enhanced content management experience increased website traffic, revenue, and streamlined user journeys.
Council for Exceptional Children

Council for Exceptional Children

Stunning and consistent website for the premier association for special education professionals
Full web presence redesign for a major educational association (Council for Exceptional Children), a professional association of educators focused on advancing the success of children with exceptionalities.

Five Jars went through the full cycle redesign with the CEC team to digitally transform their web presence and improve brand consistency across all platforms. We created a digital ecosystem for the CEC to host 70+ microsites and created an engaging, positive website visitor experience.


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